Combo Pacakage

60 minute Facial and 60 minute Massage combo package
$260 (normally $285)
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60 min $140

90 min $195

Swedish Massage Aspen
Swedish Massage

Relaxing, full body massage. Great for unwinding and the relief of minor aches and pains. Swedish Massage helps to improve circulation and skin tone, and reduce anxiety levels by employing long, smooth strokes, gentle kneading, percussion, and assisted stretching. Generally considered more relaxing than therapeutic, Swedish Massage is fantastic for first timers or people looking to de-stress themselves from life’s everyday pressures.

massage aspen
Deep Tissue Massage

Peeling through the more superficial layers of muscles to get at the deeper layers, which are often the root of many chronic aches and pains. Can be done as spot work, where your therapist will focus on the spots needed to relieve your individual problem areas, or as a full body massage, with strong pressure and deeper work throughout your body.

Sports massage aspen
Bodywork/Structural Integration

This type of Massage is geared toward the relief of chronic aches and pains by bringing the body back to it’s natural alignment. Techniques used include Myofascial Release, Manual Therapy, Active Release and Muscle Energy Techniques, among others. Often done without lotion or oils, Bodywork is a great choice to relieve stubborn issues such as Chronic Headaches, TMJ pain, Plantar Fasciaitis, neck and low back pains. Can be performed with the client clothed in loose, comfortable clothing.

massage aspen
Sports Massage

A more athletic massage that can be geared toward either pre or post event. Pre-event massage is a more vigorous massage with more kneading, percussion and vibration to warm the muscles for activity. Ideally, it should be performed within an hour or so of your activity.

Your post event massage will be performed at a much slower pace, with lot’s of deep effleurage, kneading and assisted stretching to help detox the muscles and speed recovery time.

Organic Ginger-Lime Sugar Scrub

75 min $155
90 min $210

Starting with a body cleanse followed by a gentle sugar exfoliation, this treatment will remove dead skin cells while promoting lymphatic flow throughout the body. This prepares the skin for a deeply relaxing and hydrating massage drizzling coconut argan and apricot oils. A calming scalp and face massage are given while your body is enveloped for deeper relaxation.