Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Find your inner balance

Ketamine Infusion Therapy helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression rapidly and effectively by growing healthy new connections in the brain.

Relax in our private infusion suite and take a deep dive into your subconsciousness during the 40 min infusion.
Then integrate your discoveries with our trained and licensed therapist and begin tomorrow as a new, happier you.

Ketamine infusion therapy is medically directed and our patients will need to either be referred by a physician or meet with our medical director, Dr. Bruice, to ensure it is right for them. This is via a 30min free consultation. We also partner with a trained Ketamine Psychotherapist via zoom who helps with intention setting and integration of the infusions. The treatment specifically helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and alcoholism/sobriety issues, as well as neuropathic chronic pain. The recommended treatment plan is 6 (40 minute) infusions in 14 days, as well as integration with a therapist after the 3rd and 6th infusions.

Aspen Ketamine Center